Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gods existence

So today I was sitting in church & I wondered what if God wasn't. That was some heavy stuff. Personally I am torn on this concept all the time. Some people claim to have a personal relation ship with their god. I have always felt there had to be a Creator. Also Jesus must have existed because of the profound effect he had on this world.

Okay lets forget that I lean toward Christianity in my beliefs & just be strictly objective. I will use if or if not but only in a sense of speaking not in my beliefs.

If a god did exist & we are his children then how come he doesn't answer to us when we pray. Some claim that he does, some claim that he doesn't. The ones that say he does say you have to have faith, but based on what? A book written by man? Man is corrupt & untrustworthy. How can one put faith in that? Do we find faith in our personal relationship with God? Some pray & beg God to answer & never hear a response. Some people of faith say he answers in his own way or that his silence is his answer. How does one derive faith from silence?

The problem we face is the repercussions for non-belief both eternally & immediate. Eternally you have damnation. That alone is pretty harsh. Once it starts it is a forever commitment. You would think that would be all the case that needs to be made.

In the present if you could somehow know for a fact that there was no god of any kind, no creator, no heaven, no hell, then there is a complete new set of problems. First there is my rights or Natural Law (something America was founded on), they would cease. There would be no law except the Law of Man. The problem with the Law of Man is ye who hath the biggest stick makith the law.  You have no rights except for the ones they let you have. No freedom. On the other hand you are released from those laws God (oops sorry could stop my faith from trickling in a little) has put forward like the 10 commandments. The abortion & homosexuality issues totally dissolve. Just think of all the so called good people who live by Gods laws who in their heart long to be free of them. They may just come out of the closet or go on a mass killing spree because with out God, people are just animals like deer or cows.

If there is a god who is he? What religion should I be? Should I study the Bible? If so what version. Is the New Testament relevant?  Should I study the Quran, the Vedas?  These are serious issues. Right there is 4 religions that all think they are correct. What if I chose wrong? How will I know?

Why can't we all live in harmony & all say.that our beliefs are our own. Who knows when we die we may all go to the same party or all cease to exist.

Disclaimer: Objectivity will now be compromised.

Did a Creator create everything? Is there a scientific explanation? I say yes. Science & Creation go hand in hand. It makes perfect sense. God knew Emeril Lagasse before he was. God created the universe & said BAM!  There you go the Big Bang (or Big Bam theory).

Feel free to comment or rebuke. I am constantly trying to nail down my beliefs. Maybe your insight or views will put a new light on the subject.